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Why am I riding my bicycle across the U.S.?

One reason I'm attempting a cross-country bike ride is to satisfy a God-given sense of adventure. God has given me a great appreciation for the outdoors and a desire for adventure. I am essentially a very adventurous person. God made us to be adventurers so that we could discover and explore his fantastic creation. We have this God-given drive to explore because he made us stewards of his creation (Genesis 2:15). God created us to take care of the earth, and part of this care involves exploring and understanding his creation. Because of this God-given drive to explore, I ride my bike a lot and over time I've come to believe that a cross-country bike ride is something that I should attempt. For the past five years I've been dreaming, planning, and preparing to take this adventure.

Another reason I'm attempting a cross-country bike ride is for the challenge. As I get older (I turn sixty this year), I find that my mind and body are starting to slow down. So while I still have my health and am still strong, I want to accomplish this once-in-a-lifetime effort. Obviously, this ride will be an epic milestone in my life.

Finally, one more reason to ride my bicycle across the United States is for the spiritual experience. This ride will be a time to be alone with God. I want to connect with God in a deeper and fuller way. The danger, the long hours, the loneliness will not be easy to handle, but with God by my side, I believe I will return home safe and with a deeper walk with God.

My church has graciously agreed to give me a sixty-day sabbatical to accomplish this ride. As I ride, I'm praying to God that he would:

  1. Help me to find a deeper relationship with him.
  2. Help me to see what needs to change in my life.
  3. Show me what he wants me to do in the days ahead.

Please pray for me and with me that God will use this time to help me draw closer to him and be the man of God he wants me to be.

Riding with and for the Lord,

Pastor Steve Lorenz

May 1st, 2016

What's happenin' ?

Pastor Lorenz is on a two-month sabbatical and is riding his bicycle across the United States from Oregon back to New Jersey.

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